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At HBXL Group, we are about making products and services that allow the construction industry to work more efficiently, with less effort and produce better results. Our foundations have always been in construction and we are specialists in this field



Why choose HBXL building software?

Successful building projects start with HBXL. Arm yourself with the best software & support in the industry. Builders win 230% more business with our estimating software EstimatorXpress. The odds get even better when you do your own plans, project management, customer contracts and health & safety.


Why choose HBXL Professional Services

Short of time or not sure where to start? Get professional estimates, plans, health & safety and building contracts prepared quickly and affordably by our team of construction professionals

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The revolutionary, practical
BIM software system

If you’re a builder, developer or designer this is the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for. A fully integrated, subscription-based construction software platform for new builds, extensions, conversions and refurbs. Incredibly powerful yet hugely user-friendly.


What is Wildcode?

Wildcode is the software development arm of HBXL Group. Behind all the great products and services for builders is the Wildcode team. A range of software developers, building specialists and engineers - all dedicated to providing software solutions to construction problems. Allowing builders and developers nationwide to reduce the time, money and effort they spend planning and executing domestic construction work. All whilst improving accuracy and efficiency.